Unboring!Wedding was created from my conviction that a wedding celebration is the ultimate bonding experience between family and friends. The problem I saw when it came to weddings was that all too often the fun only started at cocktail hour, after the ceremony. There was this feeling that “we all just have to get through the ceremony first. Then the good times begin.” As a wedding officiant, I decided to change that, and Unboring!Wedding was born.

With my unique style of talking to the guests directly in the ceremony and telling every couple’s love story, my ceremonies are one of the highlights of a fantastic wedding day. Because a fun, story-centred ceremony about the couple isn’t just funny and romantic. It also makes everyone – family, guests, the photographer, the DJ… everyone – feel like they know the couple a little bit better than they did before. These stories and celebrations bring everyone in the room closer together.

When I moved to New Brunswick from Toronto in 2018, I was transplanting a booked-solid wedding practice to a new province and starting over from scratch. Local networking is what helped me get back to the level of success my business enjoyed in Toronto. Reaching out to the St. Stephen and St. Andrews Chambers of Commerce, wedding photographers, planners, venue owners and coordinators, I was met with nothing but support and partnership right away.

Where weddings are the ultimate bonding experience among family and friends, local New Brunswick wedding vendors are the ultimate professional family. One of the favourite parts of my job is how these colleagues in the industry become fast friends when we work together again and again. It takes a village to craft a fabulous wedding day! So when the very best local florists, caterers, photographers, planners, coordinators, venue owners, videographers, makeup artists, DJs, and musicians keep meeting each other wedding after wedding, season after season, and all over the province, they become a tight-knit community of friends and supporters who enjoy each other and love what they do. At an NB wedding, New Brunswickers truly experience some of the very best skills and talents this province has to offer. And in Unboring!Wedding, I am thrilled to be a part of our incredible industry, making wedding day dreams come true.

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