Supporting local is a convenience that pays back. We are mostly a business-to-business operation, so we try to purchase products and services from our customer base. There have been times when this has actually saved us money as the supplier has gone above and beyond to solve an issue for us. For instance, we purchased a new delivery van from a local dealership. The dealership went to bat with their brand on our behalf to fix a problem with the vehicle. I am certain I would not have the same response if the dealership was not in my trade area.

Our business is a bricks and mortar store in a field dominated by e-commerce giants like Amazon or Staples. Our business sales are 100% limited to our local county. The local presence means that we have the ability to service products we sell. If you rely on printing lots of documents and your printer goes down, having a local person that can get to you quickly means your business is up and running as quickly.

Our presence as a business here is keeping those dollars in New Brunswick, which provides tax revenue and business revenue and supports employment for our region. The people here are very business-friendly. Many are self-employed in tourism or resource-based businesses. They understand the effort it takes to keep the doors open and products on the shelf. When things go sideways, which has been an issue during the past years, they are very forgiving and willing to work with us to come up with a solution that works for both parties. Engaged communities are crucial to our communal success.

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