When I was 18 years old, I started a landscaping business in Fredericton. I operated the business through my university years and sold it when I finished my degree. The experience of being an entrepreneur and leading a small business at a young age taught me that a business’s success is limitless when backed with hard work, integrity, and strong relationships. It also led me to many other entrepreneurial opportunities that eventually guided me to join my family business for which I am now the sole owner. Owning and operating a business comes with many challenges, but the thrill of overcoming obstacles and seeing your company grow makes it all worth it. No two days are the same.

The past 15 months have confirmed why I am so proud to be a Maritimer. The support we have received from the Maritime provinces during this difficult time has been overwhelming! The communities we serve have truly stepped up to help small and local businesses survive (and thrive!) during an unprecedented time. Seeing our Maritime community come together over the past year has definitely been the silver lining of this whole situation.

We are about to break ground on a new warehouse and adding 4,500 square feet of showroom to the current store. This expansion will accommodate more stock to be readily available for our clients along with more space to display products from the top furniture manufacturers in the world.

Supporting local businesses has a real impact because the small independent businesses in Canada are the backbone of our economy.

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