I have learned one thing since I opened my business: I may stand alone in this photo, but I am not alone. It would be a false impression to be portrayed as a captain of industry atop a heap. I am on a team and my belief is that together, puny humans make each other strong. My staff is the most important thing, those people who bring me joy through their skills, expertise and support on a daily basis.

We reflect and assist our community by providing products that reflect their values. The environment is a key priority, and so we package the coffee beans we roast in biodegradable bags (except for the twist ties). The beans are either fair trade, rain forest alliance, cooperatively produced or organic. Our folks like to play board games and trading card games. We look up what packaging our suppliers use and work mostly with those who use environmentally friendly materials. As well, we select most games that are made from recyclable or recycled materials. Our store furnishings are wood, from the trees of Sorrel Ridge, made by our wonderful carpenter J.O. Everything comes together to make a calm atmosphere for us and those of our clients with sensory issues.

We donate items to community fundraisers. During the deep, dark days of the pandemic, we have held several events to raise money for the food bank. Also, we have rented some of our board games out for free during school shutdowns when families needed some extra support.

That’s what supporting local means: helping each other and using what we have to add value in the lives of our friends and neighbours.

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