This is part of a year-long ‘Love for Local’ series called NB365: portraits of New Brunswick entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations. Huddle is a media partner with Love for Local. Today we feature Nathan Armstrong of HotSpot Parking Transit Taxis, in Fredericton.

We set out to solve a seemingly intractable problem: everyone hates parking. For cities, it’s a losing proposition. For commuters, a hassle. For business owners, a constant administrative burden.

What if you could take back parking? What if it could be easy? Fast? Painless? What if it could actually save commuters money? It can.

We built HotSpot on the idea that people don’t go downtown to park–they go downtown to do business and have fun.

We see technology as a source of good that can make cities more vibrant. What started as a simple pay-by-phone parking app has grown into an integrated solution for all the ways people get around in your city. We make it easy for governments and businesses to implement our service for their infrastructure and needs.

We’re on a quest to make getting around in smaller cities a positive and progressive experience.

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