Grouping our businesses together under the Arches roof almost came naturally to us. We are a like-minded group of entrepreneurs who are all passionate about our businesses and want to succeed at them. We all feel that we are stronger as a group in wanting to make our businesses known to the area. We decided early on to make use of our beautiful atrium at the arches to host markets and pop-ups to attract and offer a unique experience to people in our community.

Local support has always been important to us, but probably even more so in the existing conditions we live in. During the last year, a lot of people seem to have had a bit of awakening or at least an awareness of the importance of shopping and supporting local. We believe by curating a group of local artists and artisans gives us the ability to showcase the amazing talents we have in our communities and create a place that people can gather, discover and experience what we have to offer.

Our plan for the future of the arches is to always challenge ourselves and come up with creative ideas to create a space that is welcoming and unique.

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