The Beausejour Family Crisis and Resource Centre (BFRC) is the only hub centre where those impacted by violence as well as those with emotional difficulties and life challenges can receive all of the services that they need in one location. The new facility was modeled after a number of innovative trauma-informed and multisectoral models that we see in bigger city centres such as Toronto and Vancouver and we are proud to offer this service for those that live in Southeast New Brunswick.

The BFCRC would not be able to fulfill its mandate without working with a number of business partners, community sector organizations, and volunteers. It really takes an entire community to support individuals in crisis and we are but one piece in a very large puzzle.

We help people to better understand that there is a life without violence and that they are deserving of living their best life. We work with children who are exposed to domestic violence so that we can stop the cycle in its tracks. A child who only sees abuse as a form of communication will often turn to guns and gangs and will end up incarcerated. We must act now so that our children can have a brighter tomorrow.

Local organizations make a difference because they bring people together to do remarkable things for one another.

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