This is part of a year-long ‘Love for Local’ series called NB365: portraits of New Brunswick entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations. Huddle is a media partner with Love for Local. Today we feature Kenny MacQueen and Kayla Rose MacQueen of DIY Studio Moncton.

Owning my own business was always my plan and dream since I was young.

After graduating from the marketing program at NBCC Moncton in 2015, I landed a job with a large company in exactly my field of study. I thought I should work professionally for a few years to gain experience before opening my dream studio.

I was only there one year but I’d been business planning for several of those months, and I couldn’t contain my excitement at opening my own studio, so I knew it was time.

Five years later, we have four studios, two of which are under a brand-license agreement.

We’re only still operating because people supported our local business. In turn, we support as many local businesses as possible in supplying our business too.

Our café boasts quality local suppliers, and our walls have beautiful, local art available for purchase. When possible, we get locally poured and locally thrown pieces too. Supporting local vendors is a large priority for us.

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