We spent many years in South East Asia (External Affairs-UN) and when we retired in 1998, we decided to purchase and operate a Bed & Breakfast upon our return. A B&B seemed to fit in with our socializing and entertaining days. We moved all our stuff to Toronto and were close to purchasing a large B & B in Ontario. However, during this time, my mother, Mirima Kelly, was gravely ill and we returned to Alma for her last days. My mother owned the Kelly Bake Shop and was the originator of the “Sticky Bun”. We looked around at the beauty (that I had forgotten as a kid) and said ”holy smokes what are we doing!?”. We made a 180 and moved to Alma and built Cliffside Suites and a cafe on Main Street now known as the Octopus’ Garden.

When we settled in Alma, we saw the community needed help and we wanted to give back. I created the Fundy Beautification & Historical Society and got involved in a multitude of community affairs, the Molly Kool Centre, Friends of Fundy, and more.

Supporting local businesses has a real impact because it obviously supports our entrepreneurs and expands our economy. Looking ahead, I hope we all learn from the outpour of local support we’ve seen for the past months, as I think that this is how we build better and stronger.

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