Tabufile Atlantic Ltd. was established in 1968. Glenn Carpenter, our founder was a community builder, a businessman and an early adopter of social entrepreneurship. A proud New Brunswicker and ultimate visionary, Glenn understood the potential of his province that he strived to unlock by advocating for strong, healthy communities.

Since 1996, Glenn’s legacy in business and strong ties to our community have continued with the owners of Tabufile Atlantic Ltd., Dale and Wendy Knox.

Our roots started and continue today with traditional paper file folders and colour-coded labels, accompanied by shelving and space management/record management solutions. We are proud to be a New Brunswick manufacturer, with our manufacturing plant being located in Moncton. We manufacture and ship 9 million paper file folders, pockets, and more per year. A large variety of public and private businesses store their information in Tabufile file folders and pockets, all made here in New Brunswick.

Knowing and understanding how to successfully manage paper-based information has opened many doors and many opportunities for us. Our business is not limited to manufacturing paper products or simply storing paper file folders. Tabufile Atlantic Ltd. is a leader in designing, implementing and installing High-Density Mobile Systems to manage and store a wide variety of items, for example, artifacts, paintings and a wide range of collections in our museums, university library archives and book collections, golf bag storage, tire storage, Public Safety Bond Rooms and much more.

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