Growing up, my dad instilled the values of hard work in us and that’s all we saw him do. So I did the same and I worked hard. Any job I had I gave it my all, but I also wasn’t getting ahead. It was mostly dead-end jobs and I didn’t feel like I could get ahead.

Once I moved to the East Coast, I knew I had to do something. I worked for a business for 6 years, and with a blink of an eye once again I was on the bottom regardless of how hard I had worked to learn that business. I guess that’s what I needed to get me moving and pursue my business degree and get that piece of paper. After I graduated, I was hired for a temporary position at St. Croix International Waterway Commission, and then got hired on a full-time as an Administrative Assistant. I have been with the organization for 2 and half years now and am currently the Interim Executive Director.

Now, I don’t own St. Croix International Waterway Commission. We are part of a transboundary initiative between the state of Maine and the province of New Brunswick under a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 1987. We oversee the maintenance of over 70 campsites, some along the river that are only accessible through the river, alongside three parks, Spednic Lake, Gravel Island, and Scott Brook. The recreation program is our bread and butter, but we also take part in environmental programs in our area such as the NB Power Milltown Dam Fish Count.

Supporting local is everything. Where else do people call you by your name when you walk through the door or ask you how your family members are, by name?! It is extremely important to support local as these businesses are the ones giving back to the community. When our kids are fundraising, or when a community member needs assistance and support, local businesses and organizations that know you by name step up and give back.

Moving forward, I intend to keep growing and learning. I want to set an example and show the next generation that learning never ends. I’m looking forward to seeing our little piece of paradise continue to grow.

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