Our business grew from our garden. Back in the 1980s, folks were referred from the provincial visitors’ centre to Steven’s studio on the banks of the St. Croix River to view and purchase his artwork. At the same time, he was landscaping our south-facing hillside property with stone walls, pathways, herbs and perennials. Soon visitors were coming just to see our garden so, in the summer of 1987, we opened it to the public as Crocker Hill Gardens. After eleven years of hard yet rewarding work, we made the decision to close our gardens and relocate Crocker Hill Store to nearby St. Andrews by-the-Sea where we later purchased the Old Registry. Steven began transforming this historic building from a stuffy government office to a charming brick building complete with Steven’s signature landscaping and art.

As a year-round business in a small community, we have learned that by supporting local, we are improving the local economy and helping to grow the community.

Moving forward, we will continue on doing what we love. To describe our shop to first-time visitors, I explain to them that the shop is themed around all the products that we like and use: gardening, birding, fragrance and chocolate plus products that our two English Setters love as we do carry pet supplies. Steven will continue to inspire visitors with his garden design and his art.

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