I was lucky to have started in this career at two amazing clinics. I was able to fine tune my treatment skills under amazing mentorship and discover my treatment style and evolve as a practitioner. The ultimate goal was always to have my own practice, a space to educate and inspire others to feel their best and lead a healthy and active lifestyle. When the pandemic hit, I had time to reflect and work on my goal. I realized that now, in this moment, is the perfect time to take a leap and create what I’ve dreamt of.
I want to encourage young women, especially women of colour, to pursue careers in healthcare, to crush the stereotypes and to inspire excellence.

When you support local you are encouraging your community to thrive! You are supporting friends, neighbours and family. When supporting local businesses, you get a more personal and authentic experience; you get to make deeper connections. It also allows to create a great network and sense of community, which I think is so important.

Supporting local businesses has a real impact because you are supporting family, friends and neighbours.

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