Throughout my career, supporting local has always been important. Locals are my clients, the team, and the suppliers who enable us to do what we do. It’s because of people from my community that I was able to proudly acquire Broderie Express as a major milestone in our journey, expand our building and technology in 2019, stay open and be of service to my peers in early 2020 when all of this happened and continue to be of service ever since. My community is also responsible for our winning of Expansion Dieppe’s Excellence in Business Award for which I am so grateful. The way I see it, our community adds flavours and colours to our business and, in return, it grows to be something the community can be proud of. I love New Brunswick for that, it’s so us.

I think we’ve all prioritized supporting local over the last many months and it’s a good thing. The more people choose to spend locally, the more we can build and grow our communities. I’m proud to be a New Brunswick entrepreneur and I am immensely thankful to everyone who made this possible for me, my team, and my partners. We are also proud to give where we live as we show our love for local to important causes and groups in our communities.

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