his is the 10th in a year-long ‘Love for Local’ series called NB365: portraits of New Brunswick entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations. Every day, a new portrait will be shared through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Huddle, a media partner with Love for Local.

Tell us about your clientele. What makes them unique?

We know every single person walking through our door is looking to learn and take charge of their health and we admire that. Our clients also believe in the importance of shopping local. They know when they shop with us they aren’t only supporting our business, but the many New Brunswick entrepreneurs we represent in store.

How do you get involved in the community as a business owner?

Since 2015, I have focused largely on community outreach, education, impact and environmental change within my business. My purpose behind owning a wellness store is, and always will be, to help my community. I am here to educate, empower and create positive change in people’s lives. Over the years I have been able to provide free resources to my community on physical and mental health, donate money to local charities, provide a voice for other small businesses/entrepreneurs and create environmental change in my industry. I have no plan on stopping and I hope to continue to expand and grow in the Greater Moncton Area, and around New Brunswick.

What has been your pandemic experience so far? What did you learn?

The pandemic taught me perseverance. How to overcome immense challenges. It taught me how to think quickly and strategically and how to operate my business completely differently. It also taught me the undeniable importance of community support. I learned the importance of human connection and taking care of each other. Although the pandemic was challenging, there were also many positives that came out of it. Throughout the pandemic, I was able to raise money for businesses that had to close, donate to charitable organizations, continue to provide essential products to customers, and we were able to keep our team employed throughout the entire pandemic.

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