We feed hungry people; from seniors struggling to get by to hungry kids in our schools. No one should have to go through life not knowing where their next meal is coming from. We make sure that no one in our city has to go hungry, 365 days a year, 7 days a week. We are never closed, even on Christmas Day, we are open! There are also no requirements or information needed to come to the kitchens; nothing special… you just have to be hungry to come to eat a hearty meal.

With very limited funding provided by the government to run our operations, we really lean on the community to make these services possible each year, and we have an amazing local community in New Brunswick that never fails to help us feed Fredericton’s hungry each and every day!

There was a need for food security in Fredericton over 39 years ago so a group of concerned citizens got together to give back to their community and help hungry people in their city. What started in the basement of a church as a lunchtime meal where they served four bowls of soup has turned into 2 commercial kitchens, 8 team members, 300+ volunteers and over 150,000 meals served each year.

Everything we do depends on and is led by our incredible community! Supporting local truly makes a difference. It’s a circle where we support them and they support us in return. When you buy products or give back to a local organization, the local organization gives back to YOUR community.

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