Carman’s has been in business since the 50s. We are the 3rd generation of a family diner with the original proprietor, our grandfather, Carman Hossack. Our mother passed away in March of 2020 after a cancer diagnosis took her very quickly and left us unexpectedly at the reigns. Even though we grew up in the restaurant industry, the pandemic has changed so much and we have really had to do a lot of pivoting to stay afloat. The old ways in which business was conducted prior to the pandemic became no longer effective. We like to remain a stable tradition in St. Stephen but also try to keep up with the times.

We have learned that it is important to support local so that all businesses that make up our community can make ends meet. With the ever-rising costs that we are experiencing, if small, local businesses are not supported, there will be fewer and fewer stores, shops, salons or restaurants to choose from and we will become entirely dependent on the generic Big-Box. Luckily, our community has shown us a lot of love and really reached out to us in many ways. We so appreciate those who have chosen our establishment to dine in or to get takeout from. Some people have even purchased gift certificates or ordered delivery meals for senior family members. These acts have helped us get through all of the lean times that we have experienced.

With such tremendous support, we hope to be able to keep our own old-fashioned diner vibe present in St. Stephen for many more years to come!

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