I had worked my entire life in sales and marketing up to 2017 when my place of employment was restructuring and I lost my job. I was over 50 when this happened and realized that most businesses wanted younger employees and struggled to find another job. Even with my extensive background, it was impossible. I decided at that time to open Candy Creations. I had built creations for years and sold some at craft fairs and on Facebook. I decided to take the plunge and open my own store. I looked at the need in the community and it fit perfectly.

I have learned over the years that supporting local is imperative to keep a community thriving. Without local business, no one would want to stop in our town. We have to show people we have a lot to offer and give them reasons to come and stay and explore.

I have just opened my second store in Saint Andrews by the Sea in May of this year. Again, this was a need in this community. We flourished this summer with all of the tourists that were travelling in NB. We have a lot of additions coming to the store for next season.

Supporting local businesses has a real impact because without this support our doors would close. If we want to grow as a community it takes a village to do this. Thankfully, we have such a village of support.

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