Big Tide was established on Princess Street in Saint John in 2008. Chris and Wendy both worked at Tapps Brewpub and came up with the plan for Big Tide as the market for craft beer began to grow in the province and demand started to increase for locally produced craft beer.

Big tide strives to celebrate our regional heritage, history, and culture through the names of our brews: Fogbound Hemp Pale, Seaworthy IPA, Benedict Arnold Extra Special Bitter, and Sandpiper Pilsner to name a few. The latter is named for our unofficial mascot – the semipalmated sandpiper. This tiny shorebird is common in the Bay of Fundy area in late July and early August as it stocks up on fuel for its long trip back to South America. The semipalmated sandpiper is unique and distinct, just like us. Wise semipalmated sandpipers know that the best place to fuel up is the Bay of Fundy, which is, coincidently, where you’ll find the Big Tide Brewing Company, source of some of the best fuel around.

Supporting local has always been a cornerstone of the philosophy at Big Tide. We work with local suppliers whenever we can for our brewing ingredients such as hops, as well as many of the ingredients found in our awesome pub menu. Our ground beef is locally sourced from Farmer Dave, the farmer that picks up and uses our spent grain to feed his cattle.

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