This is the 15th in a year-long ‘Love for Local’ series called NB365: portraits of New Brunswick entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations. Every day, a new portrait will be shared through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Huddle, a media partner with Love for Local.

Since late 1993 when he started on this venture, Bernie Michaud wanted to provide the best service and quality in marketing material for his clients. What evolved over the years is that the clients noticed the consistent quality and the “never say no” mentality. No challenge was ever denied.

When INCOLOR first started, it seems you heard more about people getting things done in “larger” cities thinking they had a better product, but that has changed quite a bit. “In our line of work, we tend to be involved with many groups trying to make a difference in our community with fundraising, awareness campaigns and events.”

For over 25 years, we worked with so many groups “behind” the scene. But we always kept a low profile.” “March 20, 2020, hit us like a brick, but we were able to put a lot of effort into the new division and it grew tremendously. It made us step back and look at the bigger picture post-COVID and we were able to keep investing in more equipment and that put us in a greater position for when things get back to a “new” normal.”

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