Melanie Levesque and Jerry Saulnier have embarked on a remarkable journey back to the basics of life. They are the proud owners of “What the Farm!?” – a flourishing venture into market gardening, a lifestyle choice that reflects their core values and a reconnection to the essentials.

In a world where urban living often disconnects us from nature and the simplicity of life, Melanie and Jerry sought a different path. As they ventured out of the city and into the embrace of rural Scoudouc, their goal was to create a lifestyle that was far removed from the contemporary norms. The essence of their journey was inspired by a deep desire to make a change, and in doing so, they set out on the path to becoming market gardeners.

Their influences, Jean-Martin Fortier and Eliot Coleman, have played a pivotal role in shaping their farming philosophy. With aspirations to maximize yields on their one-acre farm, Melanie and Jerry adopt a biologically intensive cropping system and work with human-scale tools. They operate their farm on the foundational principles of permaculture and regenerative agriculture, striving to make a positive impact on the world.

At the heart of their mission is a commitment to something often taken for granted: the food system. Their vision is both humble and profound: to reclaim the purity of our food sources and to share this unadulterated sustenance with their community, enabling families to nourish themselves with real and fresh food.

While the path they tread is not without its challenges, such as unpredictable weather, sales fluctuations, costs, and the weight of regulations, Melanie and Jerry are resolute in their dedication to their cause. They understand the significance of their work as they revitalize Scoudouc’s farming and gardening traditions, breathing new life into a property that was once forlorn.

Scoudouc, like many other places, has witnessed the decline of small family farms. However, the arrival of “What the Farm!?” represents a welcome shift. The local community has warmly embraced Melanie and Jerry’s endeavor, with visitors stopping by just to express their admiration and support for the couple’s remarkable efforts.

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