Corinne Reid’s Seaspun Yarn and Coffee House is not just a business; it’s a dream crafted with passion for natural fibers and a profound respect for history and handcrafting. At the heart of this creative haven is Corinne Reid, a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment that beckons individuals to embark on a transformative journey.

Corinne, a proud Newfoundlander, brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to Seaspun. Married for almost two decades to her partner, they joyfully raise a family of five children and several furry companions. Their diverse backgrounds, with Corinne as a Midwife and her partner as an Electrical Technician, weave a tapestry of skill and passion that defines the Seaspun Yarn and Coffee House experience.

The Seaspun story is not just about Corinne but about embracing the community and emerging from the isolation of the COVID era with resilience and creativity. Seaspun is a place where different crafts converge, with a shared love for knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, pottery, and beading. Corinne and her team are driven by a deep desire to give back to their community, offering a chance for individuals to learn new skills and hobbies while providing unwavering support and essential tools.

Believing in the power of inclusivity, Seaspun opens its doors to everyone, regardless of previous experience or access. The guiding principle is to help individuals explore the world of natural fibers and unearth their inner creative selves. Whether one is a novice or an experienced crafter, Corinne and her team are there every step of the way, offering guidance and encouragement in knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, pottery, beading, and painting.

Seaspun distinguishes itself as a haven for learners, emphasizing that mastery is a shared journey. Corinne, though not a master knitter, weaver, or spinner (yet), stands beside every enthusiast, ready to learn together and celebrate the completion of each project, be it a first finished creation or an advanced masterpiece.

The invitation extended by Corinne is warm and inviting, encouraging everyone to gather over great coffee and delicious desserts at Seaspun Yarn and Coffee House. “Come sit for a yarn, and tell us who knit ya!” resonates as a playful and welcoming call, inviting individuals not only to showcase their creative projects but to share the stories that make each creation uniquely theirs.

Seaspun, under the inspired leadership of Corinne Reid, is not just a business; it’s a community, a journey, and a celebration of creativity that continues to weave its magic on the rocky shores of Newfoundland.

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