In Unama’ki/Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Kyle McPhee, the founder of Phee’s Original Goods, has turned a passion for leathercraft into a thriving business that embodies the rugged spirit of the North Atlantic. Born, raised, and now flourishing in Cape Breton, Kyle’s journey from a laid-off worker to a full-time leather artisan is a testament to dedication, craftsmanship, and a deep connection to his roots.

The story of Phee’s Original Goods began in 2012 when Kyle, faced with winter layoffs, discovered a leathercrafting kit and a belt that would change the course of his life. What started as a hobby turned into a lifelong pursuit, and in 2018, Kyle took a leap of faith, moving back to his hometown to dedicate himself entirely to the art of leatherwork. Joined by his partner, Robyn, the duo can now be found in Eltuek Arts Centre, nestled in the historic North End of Sydney, creating handmade, heirloom leather and canvas goods.

The ethos of Phee’s Original Goods is rooted in the belief that quality materials and craftsmanship can produce goods that stand the test of time. Drawing on his diverse experiences, from plumbing to skatepark building across the country, Kyle understands the importance of creating tough, enduring products. Each piece is designed not only to respect the legacy of craftsmen who came before but also to seamlessly fit into the contemporary world, offering a touch of heritage that fits right into your pocket.

The pride in their Nova Scotian heritage is evident in every detail, from the carefully chosen materials to the names of each product, which are inspired by the beautiful locales of Unama’ki/Cape Breton. Phee’s Original Goods invites you to explore the rugged landscapes that have inspired their creations, encouraging customers to visit the places named after their wallets and experience the beauty of Cape Breton Island.

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