Imagine waking up to the gentle rustling of leaves, the soothing chirping of birds, and the soft rays of the sun breaking through your window. This idyllic scene isn’t just a dream; it’s the reality for many who have chosen to embrace the untamed beauty of Atlantic Canada, a place where dreams come to life. One such dreamer is Salma, who, along with her husband Mike, embarked on an extraordinary journey to the heart of Atlantic Canada to realize their lifelong dreams.

In June 2020, Salma and Mike traded the bustling streets of Hamilton, Ontario, for the serene countryside of Anagance. Their motivation? To live a life 100% off the grid, connected to nature in a way that city life could never offer. With a century-old farmhouse as their canvas, they began their transformation by harnessing the power of the sun and wind through solar panels and a wind turbine. The result? A sustainable oasis powered by nature’s elements.

With 50 acres of pristine land at their disposal, they envisioned something grander – an opportunity to share their piece of paradise with others. Thus, in April 2021, the seeds of their dream began to sprout as they embarked on the ambitious journey of creating their own campground. By July 2021, their vision had blossomed into reality, and they opened their doors to the public.

What makes Off Grid Adventure truly special is not just its off-grid status, but also its unique horse camping area. As lovers of nature and animals, Salma and Mike saw an opportunity to cater to fellow equestrian enthusiasts. Today, they’re on the cusp of unveiling their solar-powered horse park, a one-of-a-kind facility that will offer boarding for up to 40 horses, complete with indoor and outdoor arenas and more.

For Salma, the most fulfilling aspect of this journey is the happiness and gratitude she feels when she witnesses visitors’ reactions during her house tours. The wide-eyed wonder and admiration that guests express are a testament to the possibilities that exist when one dares to dream and takes bold steps to realize those dreams.

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