What began as a hobby for Charlene’s husband evolved into an entrepreneurial venture that transformed the couple’s lives. Charlene, a freelance photographer at the time, became enamored with fireworks during her visits to Sky Designs.inc, where her husband worked on shows. The spark ignited, and they embarked on a mission to bring a full-service fireworks experience to Greater Moncton. Maritime Fireworks is not merely a fireworks retailer; it’s a one-stop destination for everything fireworks – from planning and setup to the awe-inspiring spectacle itself.

One of the hallmarks of Maritime Fireworks is its commitment to safety and education. In an era when fireworks are often misused, the company stands out as a beacon of responsible selling and customer education. The business constantly promotes the responsible use of fireworks through every interaction.

While their business has thrived, Charlene’s proudest moments extend beyond financial success. One unforgettable experience stands out – a Chinese New Year fireworks show at a local school field. A mother’s heartfelt Facebook post recounted how her seriously ill child, who had been confined indoors due to the pandemic, found pure joy watching the display. It was a poignant reminder of the impact their work could have on people’s lives. Charlene takes immense pride in her team’s dedication, even in challenging conditions, to bring moments of pure joy to individuals like that young child.

As she puts it when telling us about her motivation to go into business, she discovered that she needed to give herself the opportunity she had been seeking elsewhere, and the rewards abound.

In a region celebrated for its diverse entrepreneurial spirit, Maritime Fireworks serves as a shining example of the multitude of opportunities that exist for those who dare to dream and take action. With every spectacular burst of color in the night sky, Charlene and Jason’s business illuminates not just the surroundings but also the potential that Atlantic Canada holds for local businesses that are committed to excellence, responsibility, and community joy.

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