In the heart of Riverview, New Brunswick, nestled on Pine Glen Road, lies a thriving testament to community support and unwavering entrepreneurship. Janet Hebert, a dedicated artisan with a passion for baking and crafting, has brought her dream to life with the creation of “Made With Love – Janet’s Bake Shop and Crafts.” In just three short months, she has transformed her vision into a bustling haven for creativity, camaraderie, and hometown charm.

Janet’s journey into the world of baking and crafting spans two decades, fueled by an unwavering dream of owning her own place. Over the years, she honed her skills, showcasing her delectable treats and handcrafted treasures at various craft sales and markets. However, this year marked the realization of her long-cherished aspiration, as she took the bold step of opening her very own business.

One of the unique aspects of Janet’s venture is her commitment to supporting her local community. With an entrepreneurial spirit that extends beyond her own creations, she has welcomed around 40 local crafters to share the space with her. These talented artisans rent space in her shop, showcasing their handmade wonders to eager customers. It’s a symbiotic relationship where the craftspeople add their distinct flair to the store’s offerings, creating a diverse and dynamic shopping experience for all who enter.

For Janet, the true magic of her journey lies not just in the delectable cakes and charming crafts but in the unwavering support she’s received from the Riverview community. The warm and friendly atmosphere of this small town has enveloped her business venture with open arms, reinforcing her sense of belonging.

Janet is the first to acknowledge the pillars of support that have held her dream aloft. Foremost among them are her husband and son, along with the rest of her family, who’ve stood firmly behind her from the inception of the business, through the often challenging startup phase, and into the daily operations. Their unwavering encouragement and commitment have been instrumental in her success.

She also pays tribute to the local crafters who’ve chosen to be part of her shop, offering not just their creations but a sense of camaraderie that keeps her spirits high.

Lastly, Janet holds a special place in her heart for the customers who grace her shop. Without their patronage and enthusiasm for her treats and crafts, Made With Love wouldn’t have flourished as it has.

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