In the heart of this journey lies the essence of lavender and the zest of hops, from which the name Lavenhop was born. What began as a modest venture has blossomed into a vibrant haven where nature’s bounty meets innovation. While lavender and hops were the roots, Lavenhop’s repertoire has expanded far beyond, reaching into the realms of year-round greens, a thriving subscriber base, and partnerships with esteemed restaurants.

Over the past sixteen years, Bill and Jackie weathered the unpredictable dance of nature, contending with insects, weeds, weather fluctuations, and the unforeseen challenges posed by the global pandemic. However, out of adversity emerged opportunity, and it was during the challenging times of Covid that their home-delivery service took flight, seamlessly connecting their harvest to homes.

Central to their growth has been the pair’s alignment with the “Local Organic” network, a symbiotic ecosystem where collaboration reigns over competition. The partnerships with like-minded entities have proven to be a catalyst for success, creating a harmonious cycle that extends benefits to all parties involved, most importantly, their valued customers.

At Lavenhop Grows, Bill and Jackie dared to dream, and now, they’re witnessing that dream come to life. Like nature tends to show us every day, everyone wins in this story.

  • Cambridge-Narrows, New Brunswick

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