The tale of LaRouère Chocolat begins with a twist of fate, a shock that led its founders to explore the world of chocolate in a profound way. A diagnosis of Type II Diabetes left the founders questioning whether their beloved chocolate could still be part of their lives. It was this health scare that set them on a path of discovery.

The investigation revealed the intricacies of chocolate making, from sourcing the finest cacao beans to the craftsmanship involved in creating delectable treats. What they found was not just an art but a science, where quality chocolate was not only delicious but also safe for consumption. With newfound knowledge and a burning passion for the craft, LaRouère Chocolat was born in 2016.

One of the core principles driving Robin and André’s success is the strong sense of local that resonates with both its creators and customers. Operating in Moncton, they have absorbed the essence of the community and channeled it into their craft. The result is a business that thrives on authenticity, a genuine connection with the people it serves, and a shared love for chocolate.

LaRouère Chocolat’s commitment to creating unique and delightful chocolate extends to its incorporation of locally sourced ingredients. They have embarked on a journey to craft distinct chocolate pairings that authentically represent the flavors and culture of Atlantic Canada. In this pursuit, they have discovered a business prospect that transcends mere economic gain. It’s about seizing the opportunity to craft something intriguing and deeply entwined with the unique story of Atlantic Canada and its Acadian heritage.

Every piece of LaRouère Chocolat is a representation of their dedication to preserving and sharing the flavors of the region. From the smoky notes of roasted Acadian seaweed to the sweet nectar of wild blueberries, their chocolates tell a story of the land and the sea, celebrating the rich bounty of Atlantic Canada.

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