This aspiring artist set out on a path less traveled, immersing herself in the world of Visual Arts Foundation and Video Game Art at McKenzie College. Upon graduation, the conventional route beckoned, and she found herself working in non-creative roles within B2B organizations. Little did she know that this unexpected detour would ultimately lead to a destiny far grander than she ever imagined.

The spark of entrepreneurship ignited when family, friends, and eventually colleagues began to seek her artistic talents for graphic design services. Despite a lack of prior experience, Emilie boldly accepted each opportunity that came her way, determined to learn and grow with every project. It was through these humble beginnings that her portfolio blossomed, clientele expanded, and her love for graphic design, marketing, and business was nurtured.

Remarkably, 2020 brought not a pause but an acceleration of her entrepreneurial journey. In the midst of a global pandemic, her client base continued to flourish. Amidst this momentum, she dedicated her spare time to delivering unparalleled quality. It was during these moments that the realms of brand strategy and digital marketing beckoned. These newfound skills elevated her work to new heights, allowing her to craft brands that not only met her clients’ goals but also illuminated their unique brilliance. Moreover, she began equipping clients with the tools needed to independently wield their brands, liberating them from constant dependence on a designer.

With unwavering support from the Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) and her ever-growing roster of clients, she forged ahead, armed with newfound confidence and knowledge, and gave birth to Goat Branding the following year. This agency, rooted in a passion for strategy-based brands, sought to empower entrepreneurs to stand out, attract their ideal clients, and simplify the complex world of marketing. Emilie believes in the transformative potential of small businesses as community pillars and that propelled her forward, underlining the idea that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their passions.

If she could turn back the clock and advise her younger self, she would impart the wisdom of embracing the role of a business owner rather than merely a freelancer. She would stress the significance of dedicating time and effort to nurturing the business alongside client work. Furthermore, she would counsel young Emilie to relinquish the shackles of perfectionism, realizing that showing up imperfectly is a faster route to learning and growth.

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