They say innovation often springs from unexpected places, and here a remarkable business venture has emerged, fueled by creativity and a deep passion for the art of jewelry-making. Adrienne, Mary-Beth, and Katelyn, three intrepid entrepreneurs, have embarked on a unique journey that has transformed the way people think about jewelry. Their story begins with a spontaneous trip to Halifax in March 2023, but it’s the spark of an idea that ignited on that journey that has since become a thriving enterprise: permanent jewelry.

“Permanent jewelry is jewelry that is custom welded and therefore has no clasp so is meant to be worn forever! Or as long as you wish to have it on,” they explain. This novel concept ensures that each piece is crafted to fit the wearer perfectly, eliminating the need for clunky clasps or adjustments.

What makes the offering truly exceptional is not just the permanence of the jewelry, but the fact that the makers are entirely mobile. They’ve taken their craft to the people, forging partnerships within the community and providing their services wherever they are needed. This mobility has enabled them to reach an ever-expanding clientele in and around Moncton.

“People are very receptive and excited about it. They see it in the larger cities and can now get it right here in Moncton.” Indeed, Forever Jewelry has garnered a loyal following of clients who return for more, eager to add to their collection and create stunning stacked looks that reflect their unique style.

In the world of small business, uncertainty is an inescapable companion on the journey to success. Here, this uncertainty has been a catalyst for innovation and evolution. Rather than viewing challenges as roadblocks, the trio embraced them as stepping stones towards their goal. “By embracing uncertainty, we can turn challenges into stepping stones toward success and we learn to adapt to the market as it is ever-changing.”.

One remarkable aspect of their venture is that it’s a testament to women’s entrepreneurship. Adrienne, Mary-Beth, and Katelyn are proud to be the owners and operators of their business, shattering stereotypes and inspiring others in the process. Their journey highlights the power of creativity, determination, and community support in bringing unique ideas to life.

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