The journey of Fabulous Flooring & Discount Flooring started with four partners who had a shared passion for the flooring industry. As circumstances shifted, Leahy and Williams took the reins, leading the company for many years with a focus on selling top-notch floor covering materials and related items.

One key principle that has defined the success of their business is a hands-on approach. George Leahy emphasizes the importance of being present in the store, a practice that not only ensures a connection with customers but also fosters a deep understanding of the ever-changing demands of the industry. This commitment to direct involvement has been a cornerstone of the company’s resilience in an unpredictable market.

A pivotal moment in the company’s history occurred many years ago when they approached OMISTA Credit Union with a basic business plan. Facing rejection from major banks, OMISTA took a chance on Leahy and Williams. This partnership has been instrumental in Fabulous Flooring & Discount Flooring’s growth, providing crucial support for various aspects of their business journey.

From assistance in property purchases to temporary line of credit increases for ambitious projects, Omista Credit Union has been a reliable partner. Despite the overtures from larger banks that came later, Leahy and Williams have remained loyal to Omista, citing the outstanding service and unwavering support they received throughout the years.

While contacts at the credit union have changed over time, the positive experiences have been consistent. George Leahy expresses gratitude for the top-notch service they’ve received, emphasizing the importance of loyalty in business relationships.

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