In the heart of Riverview, Dr. Margaret Dunnett’s small animal practice embodies the essence of belonging and support within the community. With 12 years of experience as a small animal veterinarian, Dr. Dunnett envisioned a veterinary service that not only provided professional care but also radiated a friendly, neighborly spirit that cared deeply for pets and their owners.

At the core of the clinic’s philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and patient care. Dr. Dunnett’s passion for these principles inspired a transformative approach to how pets are handled and cared for. Every aspect is meticulously considered from the pet’s perspective, with the goal of minimizing fear, anxiety, and stress. In 2020, the clinic proudly became the first certified Fear-Free practice east of Ontario.

Fear-free certification signifies that all staff members are trained in animal handling techniques designed to reduce and prevent animal stress. While many veterinary practices are moving toward corporate business ownership, Coverdale Vet Hospital stands tall as a locally owned and operated establishment. Her dedication extends beyond veterinary practice; she aspires to be the best veterinarian, business owner, animal advocate, and person she can be.

For Dr. Dunnett, Riverview is more than just a location; it’s home in every sense. She grew up attending school and church in Riverview, and when the dream of opening her practice materialized, there was no doubt it would be here. The name Coverdale Cats Veterinary Clinic pays homage to the entire area, from Upper to Lower Coverdale, with Riverview at its heart.

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