Lily’s journey into entrepreneurship began when the pandemic put a halt to her regular geek community events. Undeterred, she saw an opportunity to turn her passion into a business venture. With the unwavering support of her husband, Lily opened Comic Alley in August 2020, initially in a modest space that has since expanded into a cherished establishment.

One of Comic Alley’s defining features is its commitment to community building. Lily, who has a long history of hosting events to celebrate geek culture, didn’t let the challenges of the pandemic hinder her. Instead, she transformed her store into a dynamic space that goes beyond retail, hosting game nights for various gaming communities and initiating programs that benefit local kids and families in need.

“We feel that giving back to our community that has supported us throughout our dreams is so important, and really, the least we could do for helping our dream thrive,” Lily expresses with genuine enthusiasm.

Comic Alley proudly stands as the sole comic shop in the area, offering a curated collection of unique and hard-to-find items. Lily takes pride in ensuring that her store remains budget-friendly, making geek culture accessible to all. “We have really cool stuff that you can’t find elsewhere, and even if you can, we’re cheaper!” she proudly declares.

A notable aspect of Comic Alley’s charm is Lily’s dedication to making the shopping experience family-friendly. Understanding the challenges of exploring comics with kids in tow, Lily offers a thoughtful solution: “Want to look at comics but have the kids with you? No problem! I can keep them occupied while you look!”

Despite the success of Comic Alley, Lily acknowledges the relentless work that comes with being an entrepreneur. Operating seven days a week, the couple finds themselves immersed in the business even during closed hours. Lily reflects on the demands of entrepreneurship, stating, “Such is the life of an entrepreneur I suppose, but we love it nonetheless.”

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