In the heart of New Brunswick, Darren Duncan has been at the helm of Brunswick Fyr & Safety Accessories Ltd., a thriving local business that has been dedicated to ensuring the safety of communities since its founding in 1971. What began as a specialized focus on fire extinguishers quickly evolved into a comprehensive suite of services encompassing automatic fire suppression systems, fire alarms, spark detection, fall arrest, respiratory first aid, emergency evacuation plans, construction safety, and safety signs.

Reflecting on the evolution of the company, Darren Duncan shares, “The only constant is change. And chance favors the prepared mind (and business).” This philosophy has been the driving force behind Brunswick Fyr & Safety Accessories Ltd.’s ability to adapt and innovate over the years. From its inception, the company has embraced change, expanding its field of expertise to meet the dynamic needs of the local community.

While fire extinguishers remain a core component of their business, Brunswick Fyr has become a recognized authority in a range of safety services. Automatic fire suppression systems, once a new addition, quickly became integral to their offerings. The company also diversified into fire alarms, spark detection, fall arrest systems, respiratory first aid, emergency evacuation plans, and construction safety. Notably, safety signs have become another key facet of their comprehensive safety solutions.

One of the defining factors contributing to Brunswick Fyr’s growth and ongoing success is the diverse population it serves. The company has not only adapted to the changing needs of its clients but has proactively expanded its services to meet emerging safety challenges. The commitment to serving the communities of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island has been a key driver of their geographical expansion.

The company’s ability to navigate change, coupled with its proactive approach to safety solutions, positions it as a leader in the field. With an expansive service area covering New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, Brunswick Fyr is poised to continue safeguarding communities for years to come.

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