The tale of BeckTek traces back to 1993 when Scott, a former radio personality, found himself at the crossroads of technology and job security. The radio station where he worked became a pioneer in Atlantic Canada by introducing a “Live Assist” computer system, a move that eventually led to staff downsizing. To secure his future, Scott embarked on a journey to understand computers.

Leaving his position at the Department of Justice Canada, where he had gained exposure to networks and servers, he returned to school with determination. In just one year, he not only completed a two-year program but also earned several certifications, including Microsoft Certified Engineer, Cisco Certified Associate, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA A+.

As a subcontractor for renowned companies like IBM and Dell, Scott’s expertise caught the attention of friends and acquaintances involved with local businesses in the region. People began turning to him for technology assistance, prompting him to inquire further. He started asking business owners and executives about their computer, network, and support experiences. Too often, he heard tales of frustration.

Recognizing the opportunity to offer something different, BeckTek, a Technology Management Firm, was born in early 2004. BeckTek set out to address common pain points, focusing on delivering a superior client experience. Scott’s story exemplifies the power of local businesses to cater to the unique needs of their communities. By providing technology services with a human touch, they have not only addressed the frustrations of business owners of the community but also set a standard of excellence that has earned them well-deserved recognition. In a world where technology can seem impersonal, BeckTek stands as a testament to the enduring value of personalized, community-focused solutions.

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