Established in 1983, Arsenault Bros Construction embodies a philosophy centered around relationships. For Carl and Anne-Marie, everyone involved, from employees to contractors and managers, is considered part of the extended family. This commitment to fostering connections has been the cornerstone of their success, earning them a well-deserved reputation for delivering top-notch quality in every project they undertake.

What started as a humble venture has grown exponentially under the leadership of Carl and Anne-Marie. Today, Arsenault Bros Construction operates offices and warehouses throughout Atlantic Canada, showcasing the company’s dedication to expansion and excellence.

Proudly evolving into a full-service construction and finishing group, Arsenault Bros Construction has left an indelible mark on the community. Hospitals, schools, and housing projects bear the imprint of their craftsmanship, contributing to the betterment of the neighborhoods they serve. In essence, Arsenault Bros Construction is not just building structures; they are actively constructing and enhancing the very fabric of the community they call home.

The integral role played by the Credit Unions ecosystem in Arsenault Bros Construction’s journey cannot be overstated. From the inception of the business, the community-first, non-traditional lender demonstrated a genuine willingness to understand the intricacies of the company’s business model – recognizing both its strengths and challenges. The Credit Unions provided sustainable solutions crafted to foster growth, aligning seamlessly with Arsenault Bros Construction’s ethos of prioritizing people over profit.

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