Angela’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur was not a direct path, but rather a series of twists and turns that eventually led her to her true calling. Her passion for entrepreneurship was ignited during her graduating year when she took an entrepreneurship class and even won an award for her innovative ideas. However, her initial ventures into different employment opportunities ended in disappointment when the businesses she worked for sadly went bankrupt.

Creativity runs deep in Angela’s veins, as it was a trait shared by both sides of her family. Whether it was writing, drawing, or painting, she found solace and fulfillment in expressing herself through art. It was this innate creativity that ultimately guided her toward a career in hairdressing, where she could use her artistic talent to transform hair and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

To pursue her dream of becoming a hairstylist, Angela returned to school to obtain her hairdressing license at Chez Bernard Beauty Academy. Armed with the skills and knowledge she gained there, she embarked on a 20+ year journey in the hair industry, working for a local hair corporation. Along the way, she soaked in wisdom and expertise from her colleagues and mentors, steadily honing her craft.

After another series of challenges and forks in the road, she decided to follow her heart and start her own business from the comfort of her home. Thus, 372 Hair Studio was born, a testament to Angela’s resilience, creativity, and unyielding determination.

Angela’s journey from the classroom to the salon chair, and ultimately to becoming a small business owner, is a story of persistence and unwavering faith in her dreams. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is a reflection of her own experiences: “Do not worry about making mistakes along the way because those will be the building blocks for succeeding towards any future goals and dreams. No matter what happens along life’s path, always do your best, have faith, and keep moving forward. Always remember that happiness starts with ‘YOU.’ Remember to keep an optimistic attitude and a heart full of love, and you will always succeed!”

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